3x3 Gold Plated Yantra - Wholesaler and Supplier

We are the wholesaler and supplier of all type of 3x3 gold plated yantra in Delhi and India. Price of all type of 3x3 gold plated yantra on our website is retail price only. For bulk order or wholesale order contect us for the pricing of any type of 3x3 gold plated yantra. We Only selling best quality all type of 3x3 gold plated yantra. Contact us to know the all type of 3x3 gold plated yantra price in Delhi, India and other countries.

Price of 1 Pcs = Rs 100 + Shipping Charges
Price of 10 Pcs = Rs 900 + Shipping Charges
Price of 20 Pcs = Rs 1600 + Shipping Charges
Price of 30 Pcs = Rs 2100 + Shipping Charges
Price of 40 Pcs = Rs 2800 + Shipping Charges
Price of 50 Pcs = Rs 3200 + Shipping Charges
Price of 100 Pcs = Rs 6000 + Shipping Charges

‚ÄčList of yantras :

  1. shri surya yantra
  2. shri chandra yantra
  3. shri mangal yantra
  4. shri budh yantra
  5. shree guru yantra
  6. shri shukra yantra
  7. shri shani yantra
  8. shri rahu yantra
  9. shri ketu yantra
  10. shri shri yantra
  11. shri bhairav yantra
  12. shree vastu yantra
  13. shri kuber yantra
  14. shri durga yantra
  15. shri nav durga yantra
  16. shri gayatri yantra
  17. shree navgrah yantra
  18. shri navagraha yantra
  19. shri hanuman yantra
  20. shri mahakali yantra
  21. shri saraswati yantra
  22. shri panchanguli yantra
  23. shri kaal sarp yantra
  24. shree vashikaran yantra
  25. sri karya siddhi yantra
  26. shri kanakdhara yantra
  27. shri ganesh siddhi yantra
  28. shree shubh labh yantra
  29. shri mahalaxmi yantra
  30. shri dhan prapti laxmi yantra
  31. shri durga bisa yantra
  32. shri maha mrityunjaya yantra
  33. shri baglamukhi yantra
  34. shri sukh samridhi yantra
  35. shri santan gopal yantra
  36. shri mangal yantra (trikon)
  37. shri durghatna nashak yantra

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